The Order of Existence

The Order of Existence


4 thoughts on “The Order of Existence

  1. First off, your entire belief system stole all of it’s rituals, anniversaries and even your god from hundreds other belief systems before, especially pagan and ancient Mesopotamian religions. If your god is the one true god, why isn’t he original?

    • I am glad you responded and hope you will be willing to put aside your bias and truly think about the following. You only assume that the Old Testament religion is not as old as other ancient cults because there appear to be older artifacts from other cults. But this doesn’t prove this at all. The very history of Israel described in the Old Testament would tend to make it less likely that we would find artifacts of the Jewish culture, being that they were a tiny tribe which grew into a slave race in Egypt and then a migrant horde. Besides, the prohibition of images in Judaism forbade the creating of the type of things which would survive and be found.

      It is only a bias against the biblical account and worldview and in favor of an evolutionary view which causes people to assume that Israel stole its religious practices from other ancient cultures and not the opposite. But the Old Testament itself refers to other cults as worshiping idols rather than The Creator God, the natural result of mankind’s rebellion against His Maker. And, finally, no ancient culture has been found to have the pure monotheism of Judaism.

  2. Chris, I am one your friends, chatter on the chatline. I have a question that came to me this morning. Some guy John. Seemed to be argumentative but he had a good question. I know the bible is inerrant and I have no doubts but he asked a good question and it was out of my expertise of knowledge. Maybe you have some help when he says he will call back again. John from UK

    Something about the chronology Levi going into Egypt. 215 years from entrance into Egypt to exodus. Levi had 3 sons and produced 21 people in 135 years then 22,000 in 80 years. I don’t have clue what he was upset about. Maybe you have feel for what this guy is trying to solve. He says the chronology is all wrong?? Thanks for you attempt at answering this enigma. Thanks, I was just going to tell this guy he’s bloviating over nothing.Thanks Roger

    • I will reply to you here in case others here may need the help. It is always hard to tell if someone is asking questions like this because he or she wants to believe the Bible but has a real hurdle to get over (which is what we hope for), or because they are just looking for excuses to continue rejecting it.

      In this case, one must make a distinction between Levi’s direct kin and his entire extended family. In addition to living much longer (which itself is rejected by those who falsely assume that Naturalism/Materialism is correct), the ancients were clearly much more prodigious than most people are today. So it is not at all inconceivable that a tribe could grow to 22,000 people or more in this period of time. The math works because of the principle of exponential growth.

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