Five Points from a 21st Century Calvinist

1.  As a Calvinist, who believes in unconditional election, to know that I’m 1 of the elect (that is, saved) is like winning the Cosmic #Lottery
2.  Even many Christians don’t understand that believers go thru a type of hell in this world, but go to Heaven rather than real Hell in The End
Your Creator, The One True God, Whom everyone who has ever lived knows in his or her soul is real, calls you to lay down your natural suppression of this knowledge and resistance towards Him and embrace this A-B-C:
3.  ADMIT that you are a sinner who is completely dependent on God’s Goodness and Mercy
4.  BELIEVE that God, the Eternal Father, sent His Eternal Son into the world as Jesus of Nazareth in order to reconcile you to Himself and sent His Eternal Spirit to dwell within in you in order to transform you to be like His Son
5.  COMMIT to following Jesus as both your Savior and Lord.