Twenty-one Tweets To Transform Your Thinking

1.  In the Evolution/Creation debate most #Evolution-believers are close-minded to #Creationism/#ID, but many Creationists came from their side

2.  Most Evolution believers today hold completely unexamined and unfounded assumptions about the nature of ultimate reality, humanity and God.

3.  Darwin’s theory wasn’t a conclusion based on research. Rather, his prior rejection of God & Theistic Science drove his theorizing & research.

4How irrational #Atheists act: A: “Show me evidence.” We give evidence & arguments. A ignore & say: “There’s no evidence. Show me evidence.”

5.  #Evolution believer: Why do you assume only the material world exists, that we’re reducible to brain chemistry, and that no Creator exists?

6.  #Evolution believer: You must resist the tendency to assume you have the truth & start questioning it. To insist you don’t need to is Denial

7.  deny but can’t refute how irreducible complexity/the decay of the human genome/the existence of minds undermine their beliefs

8.  Evolution fail: We have brain chemistry but can’t be reduced to this. The “matter-only” view of the Cosmos fails. ( )

9.  Only Mind/Body Dualism explains 2-way causality betw brain-chemistry & consciousness + a single entity can’t be both its own cause & effect.

10.  -believer: To say that consciousness is only brain-chemistry looking at itself is nonsense which only explains away consciousness.

11.  All education is “faith-based”. Secular public ed. is based on faith that the Creator God doesn’t exist. But this is impossible to know.

12.  If The Biblical #God exists (& we say He must), He must be The 1st Priority of all #education. To refuse to start with God is to reject Him

13.  Every human being in history has actually known that The Creator God exists. But man is also naturally inclined to rebel against our Maker.

14.  #God calls all to give up resistance to Him, Admit your sin & need for Him, Believe He sent His Son to forgive & His Spirit to transform you

15.  The Trinity (hinted at in the OT & deduced from the NT) means God is relationally both Subject & Object (not physically).

16.  God’s plurality of Being makes Him self-sufficient as a relational Person, without the need to create something to relate to.

17.  The Trinity means God is One & Many, equally-ultimate Subject & Object and a relational Being (incl cause & effect relation).

18.  Christian Theism is The Answer to all of the major riddles of Philosophy, thereby serving as the only basis for all knowledge

19.  Despite the dogmatic Modern/Post-Modern bias, the Bible is both God’s “Get to know Me Manual” & the Foundation for all Truth.

20.  Material (created) entities can only be objects, not subjects. But we, as incarnated spiritual beings in God’s image are both

21.  Having made us as incarnated spiritual beings, God Himself became one (in the Person of The Son) to lead us to Perfection.

For more thought-provoking tweets follow @Duke1CA on Twitter.  Here are some other helpful resources for those who are interested in these topics:

Jason Lisle’s book, “The Ultimate Proof of Creation”

Timothy Keller’s book, “The Reason for God”

The DVD “Evolution’s Achilles Heels” (a presentation of problems with Evolution by 15 credentialed scientists;  in addition to the compelling scientific arguments, the interviews with the scientists in the bonus material are also important)

And two web-sites: &

Those who are truly interested in finding truth are not afraid of looking for it anywhere.

3 thoughts on “Twenty-one Tweets To Transform Your Thinking

  1. As of this moment there would appear to be no point considering any of these tweets as anything more than nonsense given that thanks to Christopher’s insights we have proven God does not exist – refer to my conversation with Christopher in the forum discussing his article :”The Rational Road to becoming Christian.” – starting around post 89.

  2. Note that number 4 is fallacious: No theists has ever been capable of producing actual empirical, objective evidence. None.

    • I’m glad you were at least willing to take a look at my article. That’s better than most atheists today, who are completely close-minded to anything from the other side. It is clear, however, that you are not really open to my arguments. This is evident in the way you respond, with name-calling and labelling. Nevertheless, I will respond to the one actual point that you make (though it, too, is simply asserted, not argued).

      The fact that no one living today has seen visual evidence of God’s existence does not prove that God didn’t reveal Himself in this way in the past. It’s a very basic fallacy to jump to this conclusion. (That is, that just because I haven’t seen something, then it can’t possibly happen.) We say that God actually walked among us in the Person of Jesus Christ. And that He will also be seen by all when He returns.

      However, I expect that, like most today, you are certain that this couldn’t possibly happen, mainly because we know that only matter-energy, mindless natural forces and space-time are real. But how do you really know this? The truth is that neither you nor anyone else can possibly know this for certain.

      Claims like this are known as negative universal propositions. And it is logically impossible to ever know that such propositions are true. For, it will always be the case that we can’t know for sure what we don’t yet know. It never ceases to amaze me how so many people today, even extremely smart ones, manage to miss this obvious truth.

      Furthermore, you also assume the truth of many things for which you have no empirical evidence. Most fundamentally, this includes the reliability of your perceptions and rational faculties (upon which empiricism itself, the epistemology you are assuming to be correct, is based). And it also includes all of your knowledge of yourself as a person and of other people and of history. None of this is subject to repeatable laboratory testing.

      All of this is to say that empiricism is an insufficient standard for knowledge. And while this doesn’t prove that God exists, it does prove that today’s reigning worldview is fatally flawed and that a better one should be sought.

      As I argue elsewhere (and as the circle diagram on this site, “The Duality of Creation” illustrates), Science cannot tell us who we are. It can only tell us how our bodies work and how the rest of the physical world around us normally works. This includes our brains, which are indeed physical entities, the CPU’s for our bodies and the interface between our minds and our bodies.

      It simply must be granted that our minds are not one and the same as our bodies. Just the fact that we routinely speak of “our brains” or “my body” implies that we are not just our brains and bodies, as does the fact that there are countless examples of cause and effect relationships between our thoughts and our brains and bodies (which go in both directions, not just from our brains to our consciousness, but also from our thoughts to our brain chemistry).

      In short, we must return to the Dualism depicted in the diagram I cited earlier (and which you can find on this site). If you insist on a strictly materialist, empiricist perspective you actually categorically exclude us from existence. This is clearly absurd. A worldview that leads to this conclusion simply has to be seen as an Epic Fail!

      To say, as some do, that our consciousness is just our brain chemistry observing itself explains nothing. It only explain us and all of our experience and knowledge away (including all of our scientific knowledge, BTW). And the absurdity of this view is also seen in the fact that it reduces the entire universe (or multiverses) to being composed of objects without any real observing subjects!

      All of these problems require that one reject this view and return to the previously-dominant one. Science did just fine when this was the ruling model. And it will do better than it does today if we return to it.

      Finally, on a personal note, I would hope that you will appreciate the time and effort that I put into this reply and give it some real consideration.

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