Check Out My Second Book

My 2nd book: “Christianity From A to Z” (by Christopher Andrus) is now out. It’s available on Amazon. As with my 1st book (“The Meaning of the Universe”, also available on Amazon), no matter how much you have read, I guarantee that you’ll find things in it that you have never before considered but are worth considering. Here are links to both of them. You can read the first chapter or so of each. I have also posted a sample chapter of the 2nd book (the “E” chapter) below.

Christianity From A to Z – Kindle edition by Andrus, Christopher. Politics & Social Sciences Kindle eBooks @

The Meaning of the Universe: Your Life Has Meaning. But Do You Know What and Why? – Kindle edition by Andrus, Christopher. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

I also invite you to watch 50 seconds of what I was doing at U.C. Berkeley before the pandemic and hope to return to soon.

Below is the signboard I created as a conversation-starter at U.C.Berkeley (plus 3 more signs). Any feedback on these signs is welcomed. I almost always get a lively response to my signs, though not always a friendly one! I welcome disagreement, though it should be respectful. As I frequently say to people, I learn more about others and also more about myself and God from people who disagree with me than from people who agree. The board pictured below was destroyed by an angry student on Wednesday, 3/30.

______________________________________________________________________IMG_20220304_131659899 (1)


Being LGBTQ+ is NOT normal & healthy. But, GOOD NEWS! It’s changeable.

God loves & transforms us.


The U.S. doesn’t have a “mass incarceration” of black males problem. We have a black male violent crime problem.


There’s still plenty of racism (in all directions), but the U.S. is the least racist nation in the world. It’s why more people of all races come here than anywhere else.


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