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  1. Concerning, The Rational Road to Becoming a Christian
    1. When you write that without a belief in a god, you have no real explanation for why you exist as a person with a mind, you presuppose that you need an explanation. Looking at it from a logical perspective we can quite easily suggest that an explanation is in no way vital. We can exist and function very well without a reason, we just “are” this doesn’t take anything away us as people,
    2. Fully agree with this.
    3. Why, how can you claim that point 2 negates the first part of point 1, there is no relationship, and to suggest that there is is dishonest.
    4. This point is still desperately seeking for an explanation which we have already shown to be unnecessary.
    5. Again I agree, all reasonable explanations should be accepted.
    6. Christianity says a lot of things so does Islam, Buddhism, paganism and a whole host of other religions. Just because Christianity says something, it doesn’t mean it is true, to claim that something is true just because Christianity says that it it is irrational. The same is true of the claim that there is a god who wants to have a personal relationship with people. Your innate feeling could just have easily been generated by the human emotion jammed spirituality, which exists and can be enhanced by religious and non religious practices. Innate or spiritual feelings don’t need god, and do not provide evidence for any particular religion or god.
    7. Of course you can consider these things to be true but there is no rational reason why you should.
    8. It is valid to not consider something to be true if you don’t like the consequences of doing so. I don’t consider bogey men to be true, because I would feel uncomfortable if I did. Believing something because you believe in the consequences that you believe that something says will occur if you don’t believe it is in no way rational. For example if you don’t believe in the god that threatens you with the consequence of hell, then that threat has no sting.
    9. Not really.
    10. A lot of ifs there, and even if all of those things were true, most rational people would not want to have a relationship with a being who is capable of committing the atrocities attributed to him in the bible.
    11. If god wanted to reveal himself he wouldn’t use a book that is so open to so many interpretations, there are thousands of Christian denominations, each thinks that god has revealed himself differently, perhaps the only revelation from the bible is that god is the author of confusion.
    12. The Christian bible is so full of contradictions, inconsistencies and obvious lies, that it is very easy to dismiss it. Every religion has sacred texts, every religion believes that it’s sacred texts are more valid than the sacred texts of all other religions. If you were born in Saudi, you would have faith in the Qur’an being born in a Christian country makes one have faith in the bible, but believing the bible to be the true and inerrant word of a supreme being is totally irrational.
    13. All sacred texts of all religions make very similar claims, about their validity, but they have very different “truths” they can’t all be right, but they could quite easily all be wrong.
    14. For Muslims, the Qur’an is the most important revelation of all, a special revelation from Allah to the Prophet Muhammad. Muslims consider the Qur’an to be different to any other book as they believe it to be the direct word of Allah.
    The Prophet Muhammad became the messenger of Allah after his first experience of revelation in the year 610, and Allah continued to reveal His word to the Prophet for the next 23 years. The revealed teachings were written down by the Prophet Muhammad’s close friends and followers. The popular view amongst Muslims is that the final words of Allah to Muhammad were:
    This day I have perfected your religion for you, completed My favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion.
    Qur’an 5:4
    15. The Christian bible has many names for god because it is an amalgamation of many different Hebrew texts, yhwh and elohim are roughly pasted together to form one god.
    16. Your innate feelings are caused by a human emotion called spirituality, if you had been born and raised in a muslim country, your innate feelings would confirm Allah.
    17. It is so unreasonable to believe that the bible has anything to do with a supreme being, in fact most atheists who used to be Christian until they actual read the bible in a critical manner.
    18. That is a Christian belief but it is not evidence that the belief is valid or rational or based on anything bit superstition.
    Bottom line, there is no rational reason to believe that any one religion is the true religion, people who believe are culpable before humanity for all of the harm and hatred that religion causes in the world.

    • First, that you would say that no explanation for why we exist as beings with minds is necessary is really just a silly cop-out. This is an extremely important question. And to reject the Christian answer for no answer only shows your prejudice.

      Second, your “explanation” of the origin of the Christian concept of God is based on a faulty developmental view of religious thought, as well as a prejudicial reading of the Biblical material. There is no evidence of an “evolution” of human thought about God. This is just conjecture, which, as with the preceding, falsely assumes that the Christian understanding can’t be correct. As I expressed previously, the fact that there may be older artifacts coming from other religious traditions does not at all prove that these traditions are older than the Biblical one. You want to believe this because you don’t want to accept that the Biblical tradition was the original and true one, with all others being derivative from it as expressions of those who had rejected the One True Creator God.

      Third, atheists love to claim that the Bible is filled with errors, yet you are rarely able to produce any particular ones. And, even if you do, there are always either clear explanations or, at least, possible explanations which show that these are not errors. If you want to propose one or two, I would be willing to show how this is the case. Of course, your bias will probably cause you to simply reject my answers. But that only proves your bias once again.

      Finally, many children taught Christianity have what was taught overcome by secular public-education, which teaches Humanism. I know, as I was one of these. I explain this in my piece here: “The Question That We All Should Ask”. Such education encourages critical-thinking toward Christianity and the Biblical worldview in particular because Humanism is largely driven by a rejection of the previously-dominant view of the developed world, which was Biblical Theism. But what is not at all encouraged is to employ critical-thinking concerning the basic assumptions of Humanism.

      Indeed, it was when I began to think critically about the Humanist perspective that I had been taught that I began to see that it had some very basic flaws. You are clearly not yet willing to think critically about your current beliefs. But Bible-believing churches are filled with people who converted as adults, while there are comparatively few people who go from being believers as adults to being atheists. Most were only believers at kids or, in our increasingly secular age, more and more were never believers at all. Although no survey has been done to show this, this is what I have found through many discussions with atheists and you could probably confirm this yourself by talking to other atheists.

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