6 thoughts on “The Duality of Creation

  1. You sir are mentally ill!! I have proof…you believe in a fictional character. I don’t doubt that Jesus lived but he was nothing more than a great magician. He duped and fooled thousands and got his name recorded for history.

    I think you & all Christians suffer from a mental illness. You believe in an entity that lives in the sky or clouds and paves roads with gold. I say good for you if that sort of mental illness helps u lead a moral life and follow the rules of society. I feel bad that u have to believe in make believe things to know how to do the right thing.

    I do feel that all Christians believe in something that requires a mental illness to have “faith” in. For example, u believe in God. A being that has magic abilities and is all knowing. Correct????

    I, for example, believe in Santa and I believe that he is all knowing (like god knowing if I have done good or evil) & visits me with gifts if I am good or in your words righteous. Do you think I have a mental illness if I am willing to not only try to get others to follow my views but I also am willing to fight wars and kill people over my beliefs in Santa?? I bet you say I am crazy for my beliefs in Santa. Afterall, what sane person is willing to start a war & kill other humans over an entity they believe in because a book told them he exhisted. I’m talking about a book that was written by Santa & in the name of Santa. Who is with me?!? Let’s kill all the non believers of Santa!!!!! Antisantatite!!!

    • I suspect you are the one who made the same charge on Twitter. It really shows you to be an obnoxious jerk to call Christians mentally ill and compare our faith to belief in Santa Claus, especially on one of our two most important holidays. I can forgive you for this and actually try to appeal to you because, believe it or not, I actually believed as you do until I was 22 and (unlike you) I know what is at stake for you. Your problem is that (like me up until then) you have not really looked critically at what you have been taught, nor seriously considered what Christians actually believe. Your attacks are only on straw-man caricatures, which are easily disproven.

      I also suspect that you are either unwilling or unable to offer a rational rebuttal of any of the 10 fallacies I offer. You need to try and show me why my points are wrong, not just dismiss them prejudicially. But I hope that you can surprise me and that we can actually have a respectful and reasonable conversation. If not, then the evidence is that you are the one who has a mental problem.

      • If you are interested in interacting on Twitter, I am @linuxgal, and I will offer a more respectful dialogue than you might have found with others, because that’s the way I am. But you will really have to bring your “A” game.


      • Actually, I much prefer interacting here, as having nuanced, multi-facetted discussions doesn’t work well there, both due to the character restriction and the way tweets are posted, which makes following discussion threads very difficult, if not impossible at times, especially when one is interacting with multiple people there. That is why I always invite people who want reasonable, respectful dialogue to post here.

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