What Do You Think About God?

What Do You Think About God


2 thoughts on “What Do You Think About God?

  1. Your diagram is a ridiculous set of fallacies and falsehoods You will no doubt block this because you dare not admit your error

    Your first step is a lie – atheists do not say they know God doesn’t exist, they say there is zero evidence hence at best they are 99.999…% recurring certain God does not exist. Provide evidence for any deity and their minds will change. Please note: hearsay, feelings, false prophecy and tradition are not evidence.

    Your consequent does not follow (a non sequitur) Even granting that is was relevant a denial does not require universal knowledge, hence even being generous the consequent is a lie

    God may exist? Perhaps but unless there is evidence for this god it is entirely reasonable to act as if he, she or it does not exist. Certainly the God peoposed by Christian fundamentalists does not exist because it performed none of the actions in the Bible that they ascribe to Him.

    Your consequent is a non-sequitur and makes assumptions about the nature of a god i.e. that this deity wants to be found or that it will reveal itself to the seeker. Let us add to this that you have not bothered to identify what a seeker would be. Then consider that all atheists have sought god and have never found this deity

    Your next is just meaningless and repeats your earlier errors

    You continue with a groundless assertion, not even supported Biblically. After that comes the presuppositional falsehood that “we know him.” In the words of the old joke “Who is this we, Ke-mo-sah-bee?”

    Your final is, of course a non sequitur

    • I won’t block you because I can easily show your errors, Steampunk. First, none of my arguments on this site are hearsay, feelings, false prophecy or tradition. If you actually read anything else on this site (especially “10 Widely-believed Fallacies Today”) you could see this. Of course, this assumes you are willing to see it, which I strongly suspect that you are not. Your prejudicial and condescending tone, which is so typical of atheists these days, suggests this.

      Second, there are plenty of atheists who confidently claim there is no God, which is a claim of universal knowledge. But if the top line does not apply to you, then either the 2nd or 3rd must. For you to simply claim that these are non-sequiturs proves nothing. You don’t explain why they are, nor can you because they aren’t.

      Third, your claim that all atheists have sought to find God but haven’t is also a false claim of universal knowledge with regard to all atheists. You can’t possibly know that this claim is true. You can’t even know this for sure about anyone else. Furthermore, I would say that even you haven’t truly sought to know God, not just that He exists, which you and everyone else already knows, but to know Him relationally.

      Fourth, you cannot possibly know that God didn’t do what is described in the Bible. You merely assume this, mainly because you falsely assume this God can’t exist.

      Finally, the 4th line is a valid proposition. If the premises are true then the conclusion follows. That you just reject the possibility that the premises could be true doesn’t make the conclusion false.

      I will respond further to you if you support your arguments and don’t just make unsupported charges or other statements which are irrelevant (like ad hominems).

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